Founded by Lindsey Perry, Wildflower Marketing's passion is growing your passion.


A California native, Lindsey grew up in the local business world--both parents operated small businesses in her hometown of Arcata, CA--instilling an admiration for those talented dreamers who turn what they love into what they do. She turned her own love for the written word into a Bachelor of Arts in English, and applied her professional writing skills to marketing and communications for a range of companies throughout the States before landing in Santa Cruz, CA. After freelance marketing for small businesses and nonprofits throughout the Monterey Bay area, she launched her own company, Wildflower Marketing, that fulfills all of her passions: collaborating with talented individuals dedicated to their work, helping to grow their local businesses, and simultaneously supporting the community through collaborations and partnerships. 

Operating Wildflower Marketing with a genuine care for the success of clients and a commitment to the local community, Lindsey looks forward to meeting and discussing ways to grow your Santa Cruz-area business or non-profit. 


Our clients are the best. See for yourself.