Wildflower Marketing provides creative content marketing, communications, and website design for local companies and organizations in the Santa Cruz area.


content marketing

Wildflower Marketing's background started with the written word, and now acts as a cornerstone of our ability to connect companies with consumers. By tailoring press releases, blogs, and email marketing to your company's tone, Wildflower Marketing can help you authentically reach your audience.


An important aspect of your company's marketing strategy, Wildflower Marketing's communications strengths get the word out about why your business is the best! Public relations, advertising, and social media are catalysts for generating, improving, and maintaining business relationships. 


website design

In a world where an online presence is imperative, websites act as the face of your business. Whether wanting to upgrade or start from scratch, Wildflower Marketing can design a beautiful, responsive, and SEO strong website that shows off your company's personality and strengths.   

You do what you do. We'll find the story.


Everything you are doing is incredible, so why not share it with your audience and local media? Wildflower Marketing excels at finding and helping to create newsworthy stories that highlight your business. Press releases for events and successes, blogs for social media to share your day to day, articles for web content and branding...You keep focusing on what you do best--your business--and we'll get your story heard.


Online and print promotions that keep your brand on point.


Consistent advertising, by way of email marketing and social media or traditional print ads, keeps existing and future customers connected to your business. Adhering to your brand visuals and messaging, Wildflower Marketing can create engaging email marketing campaigns with relevant content and design online or print ads that introduce prospective clients to the greatness that is your company. 



Look as good online as you do in person.


A good website adds credibility to your business. Whether you're looking to update your content to improve SEO or better reflect your business to customers, or if you're ready for an all-new website, Wildflower Marketing can create dynamic content or design a modern website that makes your business look its best.

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